Top 3 beach hikes to get your blood pumping!

As the weather cools slightly in Hong Kong, hiking season is in full swing. Avoiding the buckets of sweat and sunburns, this is the perfect time of year to take a cool hike down to your local beach and enjoy the lovely weather!

1. Ham Tin Wan

Ham Tin, not to be mistaken with the Hamptons, is located just a short hike away from Sai Kung. While sampans and boats are available from Sai Kung Pier to take you there directly, it's recommended to do the medium difficulty hike to get there, so the lazing around afterwards feels well worth it.

Start at Sai Kung Town, and make your way to Sai Wan Pavilion by green cab. From there, the scenic hike winds down to three separate beaches: Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, and Tai Long Wan. This hike between Sai Wan and Ham Tin also has a fun and daredevil-ish detour, taking you to the Sai Kung Rock Pools. Test your braveness by cliff jumping into the freshwater pool (make sure to check the water level beforehand!). Arriving at the beach itself is isolated, with a lone restaurant serving hot noodle soup, beers, and other small snacks. Like the other hikes on this list, if you’re not feeling like hiking the way you came, sampans arrive at the beach on the half hour, so make sure to book a ticket with the vendor near the head of the beach.


2. Long Ke Wan

On CNNs best beaches in the world list, Long Ke Wan is Hong Kong's hidden gem of a beach. Also located in Sai Kung, the blue waters, powder sand, and seclusion, will feel like your own private beach in Bali. Nothing can really compare to Long Ke Wan in Hong Kong, and it is worth it, even if the travel time can reach 2+ hours if you’re walking.

From Sai Kung, you have one of two options - take a cab straight to the beach, or go the adventurous hiking way via bus. From Sai Kung Town, head to the double-decker bus terminus, and take bus 7 to the Sai Kung Country Park Pavilion. From there, it’s a two hour flat hike/walk to Long Ke Wan. Once you reach the reservoir, it’s another 30 minute hike from there, though not very strenuous with gorgeous views of the landscape and beach all the while. After the long journey, catching sight of the beach from the top of the hike is not only a relieving, but encouraging sight. 

If you don’t want to hike back, sampans also run to and from the beach til about 6:30. After the workout to get there, treat yourself by catching the boat with views you won’t find anywhere else. The prices for the sampan go from $150 to sometimes $200 a person during peak season.


3. Big Wave Bay

Hiking to Big Wave Bay can take you all different places, and is a versatile hike for any scenic landscape lover. With detours and picturesque spots aplenty, the Big Wave Bay Leaping Dragon Walk trail can be a full day adventure. 

A not-so-hidden hidden detour you can take is to the Cape Collinson Battery, located just 35 minutes away from Big Wave Bay. A blast into the past, the battery was one of the fire commands during WW2. If you’re into a tad bit more adventure, the battery can also take you to a rock climbing area - though just know, to get to the rock climbing area, you have to climb down a precarious ladder held only to the wall with a few nails!

After your detour, walk back up to Big Wave Bay, where you can enjoy watersports like surfing in the namesake Big Waves.  Starting at Chai Wan, take the double-decker bus to Fullview Garden bus stop, and then take the trail from Siu Sai Wan Promenade Park across the road. Maps are everywhere along the hike with markers and signs, so if you’re looking to go on those detours, know you won’t get too lost

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