Unique and Luxurious Holiday Gifts for your Loved Ones

As the holiday season rolls around, no one wants another boring chocolate box or the same pair of fluffy holiday socks. Here are a few unique takes on classic Christmas gifts that will be sure to stun your loved ones!

1. Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar


Some advent calendars are just not worth the hassle - over-priced, useless items, and just not that fun to have around. However, some are worth the suspense filled wait everyday, one of which is the Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar.

The whole set includes 17 x 2ml mini bottles of varying scents, 2 x 4ml full-size roll on bottles, and lastly 1 whole 30ml bottle of their fruity Clementine California Perfume. It’s the perfect gift for any friend who loves their fine scents, aesthetic boxes, and a surprise everyday!

2. Luxury Scarves


For anyone who’s experienced a real Hong Kong winter, you know it get’s windy, REALLY windy. Protecting yourself in thin layers won’t do you any good, as the wind shivers you to the core. Something really handy to protect yourself from this is a nice thick scarf, that would be the perfect gift for any loved one!

Thick wool scarves are not hard to find, but good quality ones often are. Not too itchy, not too thick, not too thin either! Some fan favorite fashionable and protective scarves are the Acne Studios Jacquard Logo Scarf made of 100% recycled wool. Despite being recycled, the feeling is soft and won’t irritate your skin at all! If you’re looking for something chic and classic, look no further than the Grey Louis Vuitton Logomania Scarf. Another basic but beautiful favorite is the Givenchy Logo Embroidered Scarf - all wool, and all worth it for the monochrome look!  Able to go with any outfit, and warm at the same time, it’s the ideal gift for anybody and everybody.

3. Laiba Cocktail Set


Besides keeping yourself warm with clothes, a delicious stiff drink might also do the trick! Buying bottles and bottles of alcohol can not only take up space, but you may only ever use it for the one or two drinks, so if you want an on-the-go drink, the Laiba cocktail set is a great option.

The set comes with 8 pre-mixed cocktails, all of different tastes and alcohol varieties - like your very own alcohol 8-course tasting menu! Some drinks are stronger than others, some sweeter, some more bitter, but there’s definitely a drink for everyone. Once you give the box, make sure to let your loved one know that there are serving instructions on each drink, to make sure you get the most authentic cocktail experience possible.

4. Slip The Ultimate Beauty Sleep Collection

Many don’t understand the importance of clean and fresh bed sheets every few weeks! Cotton absorbs all the dust, dirt, moisture in a room and holds it, transferring those dirty particles all over your face and body. A way you can make your life more luxurious by making a small change and keeping all that nasty bacteria away is through a Silk sleep set!

The Ultimate Beauty Sleep Collection comes with a Queen size pure silk pillowcase, a silk eye mask, and a few silk scrunchies. The pillowcase comes in handy when repelling dirt, as mentioned before, but is especially helpful when it comes to nightly skincare. Many don’t realize how much skincare is absorbed into cotton pillowcases, and how all of that good juicy serums can hydrate your skin with a silk pillowcase instead of seeping into a regular pillowcase.

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